Campus Support Manager

    • Job Tracking ID: 512690-586933
    • Job Location: Auburn, NY
    • Job Level: Management
    • Level of Education: 2 year degree
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Date Updated: August 11, 2017
    • Years of Experience: 2 - 5 Years
    • Starting Date: ASAP
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Job Description:

SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES: The Campus Support Manager is responsible for observing, assessing, intervening, accepting and engaging youth who cannot be maintained in their program environments. The Campus Support Manager applies experience and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention techniques for youth in need of more specialized support. The Campus Support Manager will be familiar with and support the treatment goals and objectives derived from treatment and education plans. The Campus Manager will prevent occurrence, escalation, and/or reoccurrence of crisis, for the youth. The position prepares youth to successfully re-enter the program/classroom setting, behaviors, as needed. The Campus Support Manager uses experience, education, age-specific knowledge, relevant behavioral data, and cultural competence in order to assess and treat youth. The Campus Support Manager maintains professionalism in all areas including confidentiality. Supervises Campus Support Staff to ensure they are carrying out all job duties as required.


1. Care of Youth

  • Provides direct care to youth in order to serve as a model for group care staff and to establish and empowering house culture that encourages growth.
  • Keeps all youth safe
  • Assists all programs with daily routine and aid where needed.
  • Assist in all emergencies as needed to keep the rest of program on routine.
  • Respond to all physical altercations.
  • Campus rounds of each program to assist with night routine.
  • Assigns Campus Support Staff to engage with youth who may be out of program, out of supervision or AWOL.
  • Assessing readiness of dysregulated youth who may have been out of program, out of supervision or an AWOL return.
  • Ensures that the program continually meets the needs of the diverse culture of the youth it serves.
  • Relieve staff when youth may be dysregulated or aggressive

2. Supervision

  • Ensures that all staff utilize agency-provided opportunities for learning and growth by:

a. Ensuring that each employee has relevant performance contract(s) based upon mutually determined priorities.

b.Ensuring that each employee receives bi-weekly documented individual supervision which directly addresses his/her performance and development.

c. Ensuring that each employee participates in all required and applicable training sessions offered by the agency.

d. Providing staff with various inter-agency training opportunities.

  • Supervises all assigned volunteers and interns in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Living Units.
  • Interviews Group Care Worker applicants when opening exists and communicate results to the Assistant Director of Living Units.
  • Continues his/her growth as a professional through active participation in weekly supervision with the Assistant Director of Living Units and participation in the development of relevant personal performance contracts.
  • Participates in agency and other training opportunities as assigned and/or offered.
  • Conducts all scheduled evaluations of assigned employees.
  • Consults with the Treatment Team and staff during Staff meetings and also any other necessary meetings.
  • Be proficient in TCI and TST

1. Department and Agency Responsibilities

  • Maintains familiarity with the Local 200-B contract and follows agency protocol implementing its provisions.
  • Establishes and maintains an environment consistent with agency values and principles that are physically and emotionally safe as operationalized by agency protocols and procedures.
  • Conducts monthly fire drills and other regulatory requirements.
  • Safety and Security checks of campus doors, windows, vehicles, etc.

2. Liaison and Communication

  • Review emails and completes debriefing with program management.
  • Properly briefs other staff and communicates relevant information throughout the shift as per program protocol.
  • Completes all necessary communications, documentation, and logging as preprogram protocol.
  • Consult with the Assistant Director of Living Units as needed per program protocol.
  • Constant check ins with in each program with Manager, Assistant Manager, or Campus Support Staff in program throughout the shift.

3. Maintenance of Campus Buildings and Grounds

  • As per program protocol, participates and supervises general campus cleaning procedures and schedules.
  • As per program protocol, proactively, effectively liaisons with the maintenance department.
  • Assures the safety of the physical living unit through oversight of the Maintenance Requisition System.

4. Participates in the Manager On-Duty Flow Schedule as per protocol.

5. Responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of Protected Health Information of service recipients in any form (e.g., computer access, conversation, document) during and surviving the termination, expiration or cancellation of employment/association with CHC.

6. Responsible for complying with rules and regulations governing access to Protected Health Information under HIPAA. Access to Protected Health Information is limited to the extent required to perform responsibilities effectively and efficiently. No access will be permitted unnecessarily. The essential job functions as described, herein, dictate the level of access, use, and disclosure of confidential information.

7. Perform other duties as requested by immediate supervisor or the Chief Executive Officer.

8. Responds in a positive and respectful manner to diversity, among the agency’s service population and staff.

Experience and Skills:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Services related field and a minimum of one year of Residential Care experience with progressive responsibilities; Associate Degree and a minimum of three years or seven years of residential experience.

2. Possess the knowledge, attitude, and skills needed to appreciate and encourage diversity including:

  • The ability to forge a mutually respectful partnership with persons served and their families in which they are helped to gain the skills and confidence to address any issues and problems they face;
  • A strong positive conviction about the capacity of people to grow and change;
  • The ability to work in partnership with other team members;
  • The ability to set limits and maintain the helping role of the practitioner and to intervene appropriately to meet the needs of the persons served or other family members.

3. Experience in providing therapy/treatment services for at-risk youth and families.

4. Possess a valid NYS driver’s license.


As a full time benefits position, staff is eligible to enroll in medical, dental, vision, FSA, supplemental life insurance, critical illness, enhanced short-term disability, and 401(k) benefits.